Don't follow the crowd,
lead them to ............ Temptation!

Welcome to Temptation.

We strive to ensure that every dancer experiences something unique and memorable. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality.

Modern Jive is great fun, the perfect pick-me-up and a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy.

There is always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at all our events.

Whilst Modern Jive is a partner dance you don't need to be part of a couple to enjoy it. Whether you attend with friends or on your own there are always plenty of people to dance with.

We offer a variety of events at different locations across Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

  • Temptation Inferno - red hot freestyles
  • Temptation Tea Dances - the original and the best!
  • Special Themed Events
  • Tango Temptation - weekly classes in Argentine Tango
  • Monthly Tango Workshops

Experienced dancers, new dancers, young dancers and those young at heart are all equally valued, respected and welcome.

As the great Oscar Wilde said "I can resist anything but temptation!"
What a sensible man he was